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Two guys talking about analogue pursuits in a digital world - and a fair amount of nonsense too.

Make the Past, the Present in the Future, this is 1857.

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    QWERTY. The most under-appreciated set of letters in our modern lives.

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    Investments! Stationery and stuff rather than cash money and rare metals... or Bitcoin.

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    Just get a job? Why don't I strap on my job helmet, and squeeze down into a job cannon, and fire off into Jobland, where jobs grow on jobbies?!

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    Notebooks II

    Notebooks : Part 2 Notebooks : Chapter II Notebooks II : Electric Boogaloo Notebooks II : The Legend Continues

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    Digibattical. What does it mean? Is it a word? Find out inside!

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    Belfast (Live)

    It is handsome, it is pretty It is the 'cast in Belfast city

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    ████ episode ██ about █████ Privacy.

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    Exhibitionism. Is this a clickbait title? Probably.

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    It's finally time. This episode is about notebooks.

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    EDC. Every Day Carry. Minimalist, practical, aspirational? What's it all about?

    Also, guns.

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    Stores, shops, retail outlets. Whatever your chosen nomenclature, we talk about 'em and discuss if we would open one.

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    Processes Smocesses. How we do the things we do. (Spoiler TJ thinks about this way too much)

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    Click clack. This episode is about Typewriters. SPOILER - TJ's a fan, Stuart's a cynic

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    Patronage or Sponsorship. The age old question. Also, coffee, drones and Noodling.

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    This fine episode is all about languages. Ce bel épisode concerne les langues. Ez a finom epizód a nyelvekről szól. Tato jemná epizoda je o jazycích.

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    Values. Spiritual, philosophical, cryptocurrency, Brexit. It's a red hot topic episode where we run the gambit on what we value, and how we do it.

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    Routines? How do they work? Do they work? What does TJ know about wine? What's a Segway? What's wrong with TJ's car? All these questions and more answered, right here on this episode of 1857.

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    We address some feedback, shed some light on the name 1857 and contemplate burnout.

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    Collections. One accumulation too far or conscious curation? We talk about books, pencils, pens, wine, watches and try and work out what 10,000 days is in years...

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    Episode II is all about Travelling. Where, Why, How, When. Travel stationery, plan ahead or scavenge? Ephemeral memories. Oh, and a doomsday kindle. 1857. The Podcast about making the past, the present, in the future.

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    New Beginnings

    This is the start. The very beginning. A New Beginning if you will...

    1. The Podcast about making the past, the present, in the future.
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